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New York Yankees Fantasy Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I haven't touched a baseball in 30 years and am afraid I will make a fool of myself. Will I?

A: This is by far our most popular concern amongst new campers. We can't reiterate enough that NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! We have campers of all ages and absolutely all abilities. The only prerequisite for this camp is that you are a fan of the New York Yankees!

Q: How can I ensure my uniform will fit?

A: Upon completion of your registration form, our highly experienced clubhouse manager will be able to 'size you up' for your full Yankee uniform with the measurements you have provided. They are surprisingly accurate!

Q: Do I need a rental car?

A: Transportation to and from the hotel and Tampa International Airport is provided for you and your guests during all camps. Transportation to and from George M. Steinbrenner Field and all social events will also be provided during your stay. It is up to you if you would like to rent a car.

Q: Is there a dress code during the week/weekend of camp?

A: For both the weeklong and women's camps, casual wear is acceptable at the Opening Banquet and throughout the week/weekend.

Q: What is the average age of a camper?

A: The minimum age to participate in the weeklong camp is 30 while the minimum age to participate in the women's camp is 21. The age of weeklong campers usually ranges between 30- 70. If you attend with someone 30 or older the participant can be 21 or up and must adhere to specific rules. Regardless of age each camper has an opportunity to play daily.

Q: Are family and friends allowed to attend camp functions?

A: It is encouraged that family and friends join you for Fantasy Camp. This special week/weekend is an experience of a lifetime and should be shared with your loved ones. Guests can stay in your hotel room as long as you have upgraded your package to have a single occupancy room during your stay. This option is an additional $600 for the weeklong camp and $300 for the women's mini- camp. A shuttle for you and your family to the fields will be provided daily.

Q: What equipment is needed during camp?

A: A New York Yankees uniform will be provided to the men and women as well as bats, batting helmets and other baseball equipment. Each camper will need to bring their own glove, rubber cleats, and anything else necessary for him/her to take the field.

Q: Are there photographers and videographers available to capture the week/weekend's events?

A: Professional photographers will be on hand to capture photos of the week/weekend's events. There will also be a videographer for both the men and women. Both photographs and videos will be available for purchase.

Q: What is the Fantasy Camp Reunion?

A: The Fantasy Camp Reunion, included in the weeklong package ONLY, is held the following summer that you attended camp. It is a one-day event that includes a ticket to the game and a pre-game reception. You and up to two guests are invited to attend. Guests will be charged a fee for their game ticket and access to the reception.