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Corey Ray - ACE Alumni

"Before playing with the White Sox ACE, I was a slap hitter who batted last and was known for my defense. My first year with the White Sox ACE, I led off and started to swing the bat much better. The White Sox taught me the fundamentals of the game. I learned to move runners over, I learned to put the ball in play with two strikes and put pressure on the defense as opposed to just swinging for the fences and striking out. I learned how to hit the ball the other way, which allowed me to pull the ball better as well.

"Playing with the White Sox ACE allowed me to become a better baseball player. I played with a purpose that ultimately allowed me to have fun and to have more success.

"Because of the White Sox ACE, I was a four-year varsity starter at Simeon Career Academy, playing under Hall of Fame coach Leroy Franklin. The more I played with the White Sox, the better I became. I worked my way from just being a solid baseball player my freshman year to a pre-season All-American before my sophomore season. The White Sox taught me the game, made me a fundamentally sound baseball player and then put me in a situation to not only succeed, but to succeed at a high level. I became a nationally known athlete the summer after my sophomore year, when I traveled all over the country competing against some of the best talent in the United States. One of the most successful tournaments I've had was the Breakthrough Series hosted by USA Baseball in Cary, North Carolina. I went 7-for-13 with two home runs, a triple and two doubles, playing with the White Sox, under coach Justin Stone and coach Dan Puente. My junior year I helped my school win the city championship while earning All- State honors and being named an Under Armour All- American. Before playing in the All-American game, I was given the opportunity to travel to California for the first time in my life and play for the White Sox in the prestigious Area Code games. My senior year, I again helped my school to the city championship, to win back-to-back titles. In June of 2013, the Seattle Mariners chose me as their 30th pick in the MLB First Year Player draft.

"I thank the White Sox for all of my accomplishments on and off the field, Because of the White Sox, I not only became a better baseball player, but I became a better student and a better man. I am currently playing for the University of Louisville on a baseball scholarship, a scholarship I owe solely to the White Sox Amateur City Elite."

Ronell Coleman - ACE alumni

"This game we call baseball has helped me become the person I am today. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a wonderful family. My father, grandfather and uncles have had a strong impact on me. They helped me get to this point in my life and support me not just on the baseball field. I have learned so much and have become a better person through their support. I am very grateful to have such a loving mother and grandmothers.

"The ACE program has been great to me. I am so thankful for all of the things the people in this program have done for me. By being in the AC program, I've received many opportunities through the program. I was able to be seen by many colleges and scouts and also played for another great program, the Wisconsin Hitters. The ACE program is not only about baseball but also about developing great, young men.

"I am currently a sophomore and play on the Vanderbilt University baseball team. There were definitely some tough obstacles I had to overcome in my first year in college such as adjusting to the workload and becoming better with my time management. With the help of my family and the support of the ACE program, I was able to get through it. I am just blessed to be a part of this wonderful program and am grateful for all the doors that have been opened for me through the White Sox ACE program."