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Premium FAQ / Information Guide

We are pleased to welcome you and your guests to the Detroit Tigers Suites at Comerica Park where modern amenities meet exceptional service.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible event experience for you and of your guest. You will be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff and enjoy food prepared by our talented chefs while appreciating the sweeping Detroit views of our premier events from the comfort of your suite.

The following Information Guide has been prepared for your reference so that you may plan for your event experience. Please feel free to share it with your staff and guests. If you have any questions or requests not specifically addressed in the following guide, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Suite Sales & Services Team at (313) 471-2260.

We look forward to making your experience in Comerica Park memorable!

Alcoholic Beverages

To ensure a safe and enjoyable time and to maintain compliance with the rules and regulations of the State of Michigan and Comerica Park, no alcoholic beverages may be brought into or removed from the premises. It is the Suiteholder's responsibility for securing all alcoholic beverages in the locked cabinets provided. No one under the age of twenty-one (21) can consume or possess any alcohol at any time. Delaware North Sportservice reserves the right to check for proper identification and refuse service to people who appear to be intoxicated.

Automatic Teller Machines

There are four (4) ATM locations within Comerica Park:

  • Concourse Section 104 (1)
  • Concourse Section 119 (2)
  • Concourse Section 130 (2)
  • Concourse Section 331 (1)

Bag Policy

To uphold health and safety protocols, minimize contact and ensure a more seamless entry process, Comerica Park has adopted a no bag policy.

Exceptions to this policy include bags needed due to medical necessity including diaper bags, breast pumps and other medical devices. Medical bags must measure smaller than 16” x 16” x 8”. Guests with medical bags should utilize the designated ADA Lane at each gate.

Single compartment wallets smaller than 5” x 7” x 1.5”, with or without a handle or strap are permitted.

Box Office

Main Box Office windows are located on Witherell Street. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Cash payments are strongly discouraged. Personal checks are not accepted.

Main Box Office Hours:
Mon - Fri 10 A.M. - 6 P.M.
Closed Sundays & Holidays Non-Game

The Suites Will Call is located on Level One, near the 100 Suites Level entrance. The Suites Will Call is open Monday- Friday, 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. and Game Days from 10 A.M. - the 5th inning.

Cameras & Recording Equipment

Guests are welcome to bring still and video cameras into the park and may take pictures from their seats during the game. Guests are requested to not stand in aisles or obstruct others from viewing the game while taking pictures. Professional lenses, tripods, unipods, and monopods are not permitted in the park.

This attraction will not be open for the 2021 season.

Cigar Bar

This location is closed for the 2021 season.

Ferris Wheel

This attraction will not be open for the 2021 season.

Food & Beverage

Delaware North Sportservice is the exclusive caterer for Comerica Park. It is not permissible for Suiteholders or their guests to bring outside food or beverages into the Suites. If you have specific dietary restrictions or needs, please let us know. We will provide for any special requests that are made in a timely manner. Any food or beverage product brought into the Suites without proper authorization will be removed.

To ensure that Delaware North Sportservice meets all your food and beverage needs, we request that you place your order by 4 P.M. two business days prior to the event. Advance ordering allows you to select from our entire menu, while enjoying a significant savings on your purchase and your choice of the delivery time. To provide accurate delivery for all guests, delivery times are limited to the following two options due to preparation time and the amount of food being prepared:

  • One hour prior to event
  • At scheduled start of the event

Please let us know your delivery time preference by marking the space provided on your order form.


Event Day | Order by 4 P.M.
Wednesday | Monday
Thursday | Tuesday
Friday | Wednesday
Sat, Sun, Mon | Thursday
Tuesday | Friday

Delaware North Sportservice's preferred method of order placement is through our online ordering system, Guest Reserve. You will receive an email with a personalized link for your scheduled event. Your order will be directly entered into our system without any wait time. Please call 313-471-2638 if you need help logging on.

Orders received after the pre-event order deadline (see previous page for schedule) will be considered a Game Day orders. Only menu items with a flag pictured before them are available for purchase. Orders may be placed with your Suite Attendant on the event day. Please allow approximately one hour for delivery of food items and 30 minutes for beverages. Event day orders are served in the order in which they are received. A credit card is required in order to submit your game day order. All food and beverage service will end at the beginning of the 7th inning. Your Suite Attendant will inform you of cutoff times for concerts and other events.

Should you need to cancel a food or beverage preorder, a completed cancellation form must be faxed or emailed to the Suites office at least 24 hours prior to the event. No charges will be incurred if you follow this procedure. If a cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the event, the Suiteholder may incur the charges for any hot food ordered.

Gate Entrance Locations

The MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club, and the Jim Beam Champions Club and Suites each have private entrances:

  • The MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club Entrance is located on Witherell between Gates A and B. Guests must have a Tiger Den ticket, On Deck Circle ticket, suite ticket, Jim Beam Champions Club Ticket, or 1901 Society MVP Card to enter.
  • The Jim Beam Champions Club and Suite holders entrance is located off of the third floor of the Tiger Garage. Guests must have a Jim Beam Champions Club Ticket or a suite ticket to enter.
  • Suiteholders can experience the red carpet treatment at gates A, B & C where they can bypass the long lines once gates open. These gates still open at regular gate times, and guests are still subject to same policies.

The Tiger Den entrance is currently closed.

Gates Open Time

The gates to Comerica Park open approximately one and a half (1-1/2) hours prior to the scheduled game time unless otherwise advertised for the general public.

Kids Run the Bases

  • Kids Run the Bases offers children (4-14 years of age) the opportunity to run the bases after all Sunday home games throughout the season, weather permitting.
  • Due to COVID-19 protocols and restrictions we are limited to the number adults, guardians, and parents going with the child and ask that (1) adult, guardian, or parent travel along the warning track while their child runs, meeting them along the third baseline.
  • Individuals 15 years or older are not permitted to run with the child. To participate in Kids Run the Bases, guests are asked to line up under the scoreboard in left field at the conclusion of the game. Participants will exit off the field along the third baseline. To ensure that all kids are reunited with their families we ask that you keep to a (1) photo only policy and continue off the field. A separate line is available for Kids Club members to skip the line. The Kids Club line is designated with a Kids Club members sign. Kids Run the Bases is weather permitting and may be cancelled due to doubleheaders or other post game events.
  • Please note that due to COVID masks are recommended for all individuals on the field and warning track.

Lost Suite Tickets

Lost or stolen tickets will only be reprinted for the account holder with a valid photo ID. Reprints for tickets lost or stolen may require written proof of game date and seat location detail. Tickets that can be verified as lost, stolen or not received may be reprinted and must be held for pickup on game day. No reprinted tickets will be mailed. All reprinted tickets are issued at the sole discretion of the Detroit Tigers.

Lost and Found

Any items found in your Suite will be turned into the Suite Sales and Services department. To check on lost items, please call (313) 471-2260.

Mobility Impaired Seating

Exterior seats may be removed from your Suites balcony to accommodate a wheelchair. Prior notice is required. Please contact the (313) 471-2260 to request.

Nursing Lounge

The Nursing Lounge is located near the Guest Service kiosk behind Section 210. The lounge offers additional privacy for mothers who wish to take advantage of it.


Parking passes are available for purchase are based on availability. Please visit

All limousines may park on eastbound Fisher between Woodward and Brush and on Brush north of Fisher free of charge on a first come, first served basis.

All Olympia Development parking facilities have ADA compliant parking spaces. The disabled spaces in the reserved parking facilities are for use by guests that have the appropriate reserved area parking permit and a state issued license plate or placard. A special ADA parking area will be created for game days only in Lots 1 and 2, which is accessible from Woodward and Elizabeth. These spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.


Get everyone excited for Tigers baseball all year long with an appearance from PAWS, the official mascot of the Detroit Tigers. Book PAWS for your office holiday party, birthday party, or community event. To schedule an appearance, please visit

Permitted/Prohibited Items

Visit the complete list of permitted and prohibited items on the Comerica Park Security page.

Promotional Items

Promotional items have individual restrictions (e.g. first 10,000 guests, ages 14 and under, etc.). Dates and items are subject to change without prior notice. A game ticket does not ensure nor entitle the holder to a promotional item. Only one item will be distributed per person. Guests MUST be present to receive a giveaway item. Giveaway items are one per person, NOT one per ticket. Unless otherwise noted all giveaway items are given away at entrance gates as guests enter the ballpark. Promotional items are available at every gate, including the Suites bridge entrance.

Rainout Policy

In the event that 5 innings of one game are not played, except if the Tigers are in the lead at the end of 4½ innings, one of the following policies will apply:

  1. When the canceled game is rescheduled on an open date or as part of a split day/night double header with a specific start time for the rescheduled game, the original ticket will be valid for entry to the rescheduled game ONLY.(Exception: When the canceled game is rescheduled during the same homestand on an open date or as part of a split day/night doubleheader, the original ticket may be used for admission to the rescheduled game or may be exchanged for any future similar or lesser priced regular season game in the next 12 months from the original game date, excluding opening day.)
  2. When the canceled game is rescheduled onto an existing game, thereby creating a traditional doubleheader where only one of the two games has a specific start time, the ticket for the originally scheduled game is valid for both games. The canceled game ticket is then invalid and subject to applicable exchange policy.
  3. If the canceled game is not rescheduled, a representative from the Suite Sales & Services team will contact you.

Rainout Policy (Food & Beverage)

  1. In the event a game is called prior to the gates opening, there will be no entry into your Suite. Thus, all preorders (food and beverage) will automatically be cancelled. The Suiteholder will not be charged for his/her preorder.
  2. When the game is called after the gates have opened, there will be entry into your Suite. All preordered food will be served and the Suiteholder is responsible for payment for his/her food and beverage. Suites will remain open for one hour after the game has been cancelled. Alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the premises.

The following gates will stay open during a rainout game for admittance to the Suite level (if the game is called after gates have been opened):

  • 3rd level Tiger Parking Structure
  • Montcalm Gate

Scoreboard Messages

Create a lasting memory at your next Tigers game with a personalized, custom message on the Comerica Park scoreboard for as low as $75. Each purchased message comes with a digital photo of the message on the scoreboard. Purchase your scoreboard message at

MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club

Located on the 100 suite level in right field, The MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club is open on all game days serving a full buffet or a la carte menu with a view of the playing field. Food and beverage in the MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club is an additional price. The Club includes three bar areas including a private cigar lounge. Entry to the club requires a Tiger Den ticket, On Deck Circle ticket, a MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club/Den Access Pass, Suite Holder Card Jim Beam Champions Club Card. The MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club Lobby is located behind section 112 of the concourse. Guests can also enter the club from Witherell Street next to the Main Box Office. For game day reservations, please call (313) 471-2582. The Club is also available for rentals and private parties. The MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club is a non-smoking restaurant.


Each suite has a dedicated telephone which provides access to the Concierge and Catering departments through speed dial keys located under the "Directories" menu. The telephone allows guests to place additional food and beverage orders.

Tiger Den Lounge

The lounge includes a complete a la carte menu and theme bar areas. The Tiger Den Lounge is accessible off the main concourse behind section 131 or through its private entry on Montcalm Street across from the Tiger Garage for guests with a Tiger Den ticket, On Deck Circle ticket, a MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club/Den Access Pass, Suite Holder Card or Jim Beam Champions Club Card. The Lounge is available for rental or private parties, for more information on rental please call (313) 471-2625 or go to and click on "Comerica Park." The Tiger Den Lounge is a non-smoking environment.


Wheelchairs are available at each gate for transportation to and from the seating areas. Upon entry to the park, pl ease ask a ballpark representative for wheelchair assistance and they will be happy to help you. Wheelchairs are not available for individual use during the game. Please be aware that wheelchairs are assigned on a first come, first service basis. Therefore, during periods of heavy volume, guests may be asked to wait until a wheelchair becomes available to transport them to either their seats or back to the gates. In the event of a medical emergency, in which wheelchair service is required, please contact the nearest Event Staff Colleague. Guests are permitted to bring their own wheelchairs to Comerica Park.

Delaware North Catering Team

Food & Beverage (Coordinator)
Amber Martinez
(313) 471-2638

Tom Fennelly (Suite Manager)
(313) 471-2636