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Live Ticket Exchange Program

Exclusive to Royals Season Ticket Members who have a traditional Full Season Package or a Half Season Package, you will have the opportunity to access the Live Ticket Exchange. This exclusive program is available only to the primary account holders, which will allow you to exchange Season Tickets in advance for an equal or lesser game designation.

How it works:

  • The Live Ticket Exchange Program is only available to Season Ticket Members with a traditional Full (81) or Half (41) season ticket package.
  • The exchange program is ONLY available on the primary account holder’s My Royals Tickets account ( Season tickets that are forwarded must be recalled by the primary account holder to be exchanged.
  • All 2021 regular season games are available for exchange (excluding Opening Day). Ticket exchange pricing is based on the Variable Pricing schedule.
  • Ticket exchange must be completed up to 24 hours prior to game time. Only one game can be exchanged at a time, and parking must be exchanged separately.
  • Exchange tickets are available for any seating category with availability excluded season categories that include loaded value. Loaded value seating seats can only be exchanged for tickets within the same seating category.
  • Exchange tickets will be available at the season ticket price and are only available as a one-for-one exchange.
  • In the event a ticket is exchanged for a lesser priced seating category, the difference in pricing will be deposited into a credit bank.
  • The banked credit can be used within your My Royals Tickets account for single game ticket purchases. To purchase single game tickets, go to
  • The banked credit expires on Sunday, October 3, 2021, and there are no refunds on credit available in your bank.
  • Once season tickets/parking have been exchanged, redeemed, or forwarded, they cannot be used in the Live Ticket Exchange Program.
  • Live Ticket Exchanges are based on availability at the time of exchange.