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Season Ticket Redemption Program

How it works:

  • The Unused Season Ticket Redemption Program is only available for 2021 Season Ticket Members with a traditional Full (81), Half (41) or Partial (21) season ticket plan.
  • The Kansas City Royals reserve the right to add or remove available redemption dates based on ticket availability. Redemption ticket pricing subject to change based on demand. In the event Redemption tickets are sold out the redemption date will be removed.
  • Only unused past game season tickets may be redeemed for new tickets. This includes April strip packages, May strip packages and 2021 traditional season ticket packages. Tickets for future game dates may not be redeemed. Unused tickets from the postponed game on 4/16 are not available for redemption as unused tickets for the make up game have received vouchers.
  • Redemption tickets can be purchased for $2/per ticket and are available in the Field Box, Field Plaza, Outfield Box, Outfield Plaza, Loge Infield, Loge Outfield, View Box, View Reserved and View Outfield.
  • Season Ticket parking is available as part of the Redemption program. Redeemed parking locations are based on season parking package and availability at the time of redemption.
  • Season Ticket Redemptions must be completed twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Redemption game.
  • Only the Account Holder on record or Partner(s) listed on the account will be allowed to redeem tickets and a maximum of ten (10) tickets may be redeemed per game and are based on availability.
  • Redemption tickets will not be available in select seating areas (Community America Crown Club, Konica Minolta Diamond Club or Craft & Draft).
  • No Loaded Value will be applied to any redemption tickets.
  • Unused season tickets/parking may only be redeemed one (1) time for a newly selected game. Once redemp­tion is made for a specific game, season tickets/parking may not be redeemed for another game.
  • Tickets exchanged through the Live Ticket Exchange program cannot be used in the Redemption Program.
  • No game exceptions or substitutions will be allowed.
  • Select 64 Plan buyers are excluded from the Season Ticket Redemption Program.

Redeem Your Season Tickets By Phone/E-Mail:

Season Ticket redemption may be requested through the Membership Services Department by contacting (816) 504-4040, option 3 or