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Royals KCrew

First formed in 2007, the KCrew is a fun and energetic bunch dedicated to entertaining Royals fans young and old. From tossing t-shirts and prizes into the stands to hosting various interactive promotions around the ballpark, the KCrew is a group of true blue Royals baseball fans with a passion for the game!

In addition to every Royals home game, the KCrew makes appearances throughout the community spreading Royal cheer and excitement! They are a fun group to have at any community event. If you would like to book a KCrew Appearance or have any questions about the KCrew please contact us at or call 816-504-4433.

Congratulations to the 2021 Royals KCrew!

Alyssa M.
Ashlan A.
Delaney M.
Ella M.
Emma L.
Gianna F.
Katherine T.
Kyra J.
Lindsay V.
Lydia B.
Maddie D.
Mara B.
Marissa L.
Melanie G.
Serene B.
Sophia C.
Zoe T.