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Season Ticket Holder Ticket Return/Exchange Program

  • Exchanges can only be done online via "My Rockies Account" by the primary account holder.
  • To Exchange a ticket, on your "My Rockies Account", select the event, click the MORE button, and then click RETURN.
  • You can RETURN TICKETS and parking up to 4 HOURS prior to the game you cannot attend.
  • If a ticket has been transferred to another person, it must be transferred back to the primary account holder to Return.
  • You can Return tickets and use the Credit when YOU desire later this season.
  • When using this Credit, the price will be at the discounted Plan Holder Single Game rate
  • There is no longer a Past Exchange Program. Once a game has been played, your tickets for that game will not have any value.
  • The Coors Field ticket windows and Rockies Dugout Stores are not able to assist with Plan Holder Exchanges.
  • There are no online exchange fees.