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Rockies Magazine for Ticket Plan Holders

Rockies Magazine Update

The Colorado Rockies are excited to continue offering every qualifying ticket plan account a complimentary Rockies Magazine subscription. Please be aware of the following updates for 2021:

Rockies Magazine will print three hard copy issues in 2021. While exact delivery dates will vary, please expect your magazines to arrive in the mail around April 5, June 23 and August 24. Our intention is to review our publications operation after the 2021 season to determine the number of hard copy issues that will be produced in future years.

Live now, we are excited to introduce the Rockies Magazine Blog, which is designed to fill the time between hard copy issues with timely multimedia content including short-form and long-form articles, player interviews, photo blogs, stats and notes, behind-the-scenes stories and more. Fans can access the Rockies Magazine Blog at

Visit to purchase subscriptions to Rockies Magazine. For questions regarding Rockies Magazine or the Rockies Magazine Blog, please email