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Rockies Passport

Rockies Passport. Buy now and pick your games later!

Rockies Passport

  • Choose your Passport level - starting at $500!
  • Access to discounted tickets and Mini-Plan Benefits
  • Access to games and seating areas based on your Passport level
  • Select your seat, location, games and ticket quantities when YOU want

Rockies Passport for 2021 Regular Season

Please Note: These packages DO NOT include All-Star Week ticketing privileges.

Don’t worry about a set plan or set number of seats. Choose your Passport level and enjoy access to discounted tickets. Select your games, number of seats and section when YOU want! You will receive access to reserve eligible upcoming games using your Passport credit one business day after your Passport purchase. Please visit for more updates on the 2021 season.

2021 Ticket Plan Information Request

If you have additional questions on the Rockies Passport, please use the button below to fill out the Ticket Information form or call 303-ROCKIES (762-5437) to speak with a representative.

Rockies Passport Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once I purchase the Rockies Passport, when can I select my games and reserve my seats?
A: You will receive an email inviting you to reserve seats when the seating capacity is confirmed for games that require physically distanced seating.

Q: How long do I need to reserve my seats prior to the game I want to attend?
A: You can reserve your seats right up to game time. However, depending on the popularity of a particular game, seats and/or ticket quantities in a certain area are not guaranteed for the game you want to attend.

Q: How do I access my tickets?
A: All Rockies Passport tickets are mobile only. For complete information on how to access your tickets via your mobile device, check out our Mobile Ticket page; however, tickets are not currently available for viewing or managing.

Q: Can I purchase parking with my credit?
A: Yes. If available, you can purchase parking in a Lot A or Lot B. The purchase does need to be done in advance online and not at the parking lot entrance.

Q: How do I exchange tickets I've already selected?
A: Rockies Passport tickets can be exchanged online via your My Rockies Account. Details on this exchange program will be finalized soon.

Q: Can I forward my tickets?
A: Yes. Rockies Passport tickets are available to forward digitally. Complete information on how to forward your tickets digitally can be found on our Mobile Ticket page.

Q: How many tickets can I redeem per game?
A: This will depend on what Passport level you choose and what games you want to attend. $500 level is 6 per game, $1,000 level is 8 per game, $1,500 level is 10 per game and 16 for the $2,500 level. Purchase limits for Opening Day (4/1), July Fireworks (7/2-3), Dodgers Series (7/16-18) and Cubs Series (8/3-5) are zero for $500 level, $1,000 level is 2 per game, $1,500 and $2,500 level are 4 per game.

Q: What seating areas can I redeem tickets in?
A: This will depend on the Passport level you choose. For a complete listing, view Passport Pricing graphic here

Q: Can I add credit to my account once I run out?
A: Yes. You can add credit to your account at any time by emailing the Rockies at or calling the VIP Hotline at (303) 312-2222.

Q: Can I use my account balance to purchase Rockies Suites, Party Facilities, Groups or Power Tickets?
A: No, your account balance cannot be used to purchase Rockies Suites, Party Facilities, Groups, Power Tickets or other special offer tickets. However, if you are still interested in seeing available packages, view Suites information here.

Q: Can I use my account balance to purchase Rockies Gift Cards?
A: Gift Cards are available for purchase here; however, your account balance cannot be used to purchase Rockies Gift Cards

Q: Can my account balance be used for postseason?
A: Your account balance cannot be used for the postseason. However, as a Rockies Passport Holder, you do qualify for exclusive postseason presale opportunities.

Q: If I don't use all of it, will my account balance roll over to next season?
A: No. All of your Rockies Passport benefits must be used during the season for which the Passport was purchased; account balances will not roll over to the following season. However, the Rockies guarantee that if any of the games in your Ticket Plan are cancelled or have restricted capacity due to COVID-19 that inhibits the use of your specific seats, you have our assurance that the value of the impacted games will be credited to your Rockies account for future games.

Q: How do I view my account balance?
A: You can view your account balance in your My Rockies Account.

Q: Can I get printed tickets?
A: A Rockies Passport is a mobile-only ticketing option with tickets available through the MLB Ballpark app and your My Rockies Account. For more information about mobile ticketing, visit our Mobile Ticket page.

Q: What games can I redeem with the Rockies Passport?
A: This depends on which Passport level you choose. All games are eligible at $2,500 level. For a complete listing, view the Mini-Plan schedule here.

Q: What benefits do I receive when purchasing the Rockies Passport?
A: You would receive all the benefits of a Mini-Plan Holder. For a complete listing, view Mini-Plan benefits here.

Resale Information

Ticket plans are not eligible to be purchased by ticket brokers or resellers (or anyone who represents a ticket broker or reseller).

The Colorado Rockies reserve the right to not sell Ticket Plans to any prospective or actual purchaser who fails to provide complete and accurate contact information. By attempting to purchase or actually purchasing a Ticket Plan, the purchaser grants the Rockies the right to confirm the accuracy and completeness of all information provided by the purchaser, including the following:

  • Name on Account
  • Billing and Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Credit Card