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A presentation honoring Negro League Baseball
Long Live Their Legacy - A Presentation on Negro League Baseball

In celebration of Black History Month and to honor Negro League Baseball, the Pirates fourth annual Long Live Their Legacy series will go virtual in 2021.

Sign up for your classroom to learn about the history of Negro League baseball, its ties to Pittsburgh, and the significant role it played in baseball history. Joel Gray, Manager of Community Outreach will be holding 45 minute virtual presentations throughout February.

Here’s what Jeff Mallory, former Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Inclusion and Student Advancement at Duquesne University and current Executive Vice President at Saint Vincent College, had to say about the Long Live Their Legacy presentation.

"The presentation brought an invaluable amount of history and perspective. Joel was really clear and quick to acknowledge that the structure and organization of Negro League Baseball was phenomenal. It was highly efficient and well organized. The knowledge that Joel provides is great, and it's important that he's taking the time to do this. He's freezing time for us as an audience and allowing us to revisit history. Joel does an excellent job of helping people understand Negro League history."

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