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Event Crew

Event Crew, also known as E-Crew, works hard to ensure that guests have a safe and enjoyable experience when visiting the ballpark.

The Event Crew takes on a multitude of different roles and have become an integral part of the operations that go into both baseball and non-baseball events.

Working on Event Crew gives employees the opportunity for many experiences that will help them continue to grow as professionals.

The Padres Event Operations Department seeks individuals who possesses strong communication skills and work well in a team environment to be a part of the Event Crew.

We strive to hire a diverse group of reliable people that are available to work a variety of shifts throughout the calendar year, as this is a yearlong position.

Those who have a positive attitude, display a willingness to embrace challenges and operate with an attention to detail should fit well on the team.

The Padres Event Operations Department traditionally recruits & hires for Event Crew during the off- season with most interviews held in January through early February.

Interested applicants should apply on when open positions are posted.