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2021 Season Plan Holders

The Red Carpet Rewards program rewards fans for game attendance and more! Earn points to redeem prizes through the marketplace, get access to experiences and content and enter auctions. Learn how to earn points below, then head over to the rewards tab in Access to start redeeming your points!

Attendance Points

Account Type Scan Type Points Per Scan
SPH / Partner* Ballpark App 15 Per Scan
Single Game Buyer** Ballpark App 15 Per Scan

* Only season seats that are part of the original plan are eligible to earn points via the Red Carpet Rewards program. Scans created by exchanged tickets and Red Carpet Rewards tickets are not eligible to earn points via this program.

** Only single game tickets purchased through are eligible to earn points via the Red Carpet Rewards program. Tickets purchased through the secondary marketplace are not eligible to earn points via this program.

Attendance Milestones

Earn loyalty points by attending several Nationals games each season!*

Account Type Scan Type Milestone Per Seat
All Ballpark App 5 Games 25 Points
All Ballpark App 15 Games 100 Points
All Ballpark App 25 Games 300 Points
All Ballpark App 60 Games 1,000 Points

* In order for your game attendance to count toward earning Red Carpet Rewards points, your tickets must be scanned using the MLB Ballpark app.


eCASH is a digital payment method that simplifies the process of paying for concessions and merchandise at Nationals Park.

Account Type $ Load Points Per Account
SPH/Partner $200 275
SPH/Partner $100 125
SPH/Partner $50 60
SPH/Partner $25 25
SPH/Partner $10 5

Poll Responses

Earn points each time you respond to a poll on the main page of the Access portal!

Account Type Points
SPH/Partner 1 chance to win for each correct answer

Download the MLB Ballpark app to access digital ticketing, mobile ordering, check-in offers, interactive features, exclusive content and more!

Login to the Access portal to redeem your Red Carpet Rewards points!

If you have questions, please contact to your Nationals Account Representative or email

2021 Blackout Dates

2021 Blackout Dates
Saturday, July 3 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Sunday, July 4 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Saturday, July 17 vs. San Diego Padres
Friday, July 30 vs. Chicago Cubs
Saturday, July 31 vs. Chicago Cubs
Saturday, August 14 vs. Atlanta Braves
Friday, September 3 vs. New York Mets
Friday, October 1 vs. Boston Red Sox
Saturday, October 2 vs. Boston Red Sox
Sunday, October 3 vs. Boston Red Sox