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2021 Season Plan Holders

Managing your tickets is now easier than ever! Simply visit then log into your account using your username and password. Follow the steps below to exchange, transfer, sell, or donate your tickets.

2021 Ticket Exchange Program


  • Ticket exchanges must be finalized at least 48 hours (two full days) prior to the scheduled start time of both games in the exchange.
  • Tickets may be exchanged only once and are exchanged on a ticket-for-ticket basis.
  • Tickets can be exchanged at the same ticket price or at a lesser value, based on availability at the time the tickets are exchanged. Tickets can also be exchanged dollar-for-dollar at a higher value. Additional payment is required for seat upgrades via credit card.
  • Locations are subject to availability and refunds & credits will not be issued for exchange downgrades to lower priced seating areas.
  • Parking passes associated with your season plan are eligible to be exchanged and are based on availability. All exchanged tickets & parking will be delivered via the MLB Ballpark app.
  • Exchanges are not available over the phone, by mail, or by email.
  • All exchange dates are subject to blackout and any game may become a blackout at any time.
  • The maximum number of exchange transactions allowed per season for Full Season Members is unlimited, Half Season Members is 20, and Partial Plan Members is 10. Tickets issued through the Ticket Exchange Program may not be resold.
  • Only tickets associated with your season package are eligible to be exchanged. Seats purchased separately through, StubHub or other secondary market sites, and RCR tickets are not eligible to be exchanged.
  • Season Plan Holders can exchange tickets via their account at Once in your account, click on “Exchange” and follow the instructions provided.

EXCHANGE EXAMPLE: current date/time is Tuesday, June 8 at 10:15 a.m. You may exchange into or out of tickets dated Thursday, June 10 or later (the June 10 game is scheduled for 7:05 p.m.).

2021 Blackout Dates

Exchange Tickets

  1. Login to your MyTickets account
  2. Click on “Exchange” on the left panel
  3. Select an event from the list below that contains Exchange eligible tickets. Select the "View All Ticket Inventory" button to view all events
  4. Select the tickets from your inventory you wish to exchange and select “Continue”
  5. Click “Find Eligible Events” to view eligible games and select the game you wish to attend
  6. Navigate to the seat selection process
  7. Confirm your event selection and checkout

MLB Ballpark App

Manage your entire Nationals Park experience from your mobile device:


  • Conveniently transfer, scan, and even upgrade your tickets from your phone in real time
  • Take advantage of special ticket offers only available on the app
  • Easily add tickets to your Apple Wallet to grant access to Nationals Park


  • Earn points that can be used for Nationals Offers and Rewards by using the app
  • Points are awarded for attending games and scanning tickets
  • Redeem points right through the app


Manage Tickets in Access

Managing your season tickets has never been easier as a NATS PLUS Member. With an updated portal, updated MLB Ballpark app, and new integrations we've streamlined the entire process. Here are some guides to help you navigate the updated systems:

Add Partners

Partners must be set up in your Access account to receive their benefits, and they must also be set up as a "Friend" on the "Tickets" page to receive their tickets from you. Please follow the instructions below to set up new partners for the 2021 season. If you are keeping your partner list from last season, then please jump to the instructions in the "Forward Tickets" section.

To share concession and team store savings and Red Carpet Rewards points:

  1. Login to your Access account
  2. Click on your account on the top menu
  3. Click on "Partners"
  4. Click on the "Add New Partner" icon and enter your Partner's full name and email address and click "Add New Partner"
  5. Your Partner will receive an email with your invitation request
  6. To add more than one partner, simply repeat the above steps
  7. Click on "Tickets" on the top menu and then follow the instructions for "Forwarding Tickets"

Buy Tickets Using Account Credit

  1. Log into your Access Account
  2. Click on “Tickets” on the top menu
  3. Select an event from the list you would like to attend then click “Continue”
  4. Navigate to the seat selection process and select the seats you would like then click “Continue”
  5. On the checkout page, under “Account Credit” check the box “Apply to purchase” and click “Place Order”

View Account Credit

1. Log into your Access Account

2. Click on the "Tickets" tab on the menu

3. Click on the 3 Horizontal lines in the top right corner

4. Click the down arrow next to "My Account" then click "Account Credit"


5. Current credit balances can be found on this page. Redemption eligibility of credits may vary depending on the items being purchased. Not all credits are eligible for all items.

Forward Tickets

  1. Login to your Access account
  2. Click on "Tickets" on the top menu
  3. Click on “Forward” on the left panel
  4. Select an event from the list that contains Forward eligible tickets or Select the “View All Ticket Inventory” button to view all tickets
  5. Select the tickets you wish to forward and then select “Choose Friend” at the bottom of the page
  6. Choose the friend who will receive your tickets or select “Add Friend”. Use the “Find Friend” search box to filter your search
  7. Select “Forward Tickets” to complete the process or Select “Add More Tickets” to include additional tickets

Recall Tickets

You may Recall previously forwarded tickets and return them to your Ticket Inventory:

  1. Click on “Forward” on the left panel
  2. Select the game that you had previously forwarded tickets from
  3. Click on “Ticket Actions” and select “Recall”
  4. Select the tickets you want to recall and click “Continue”
  5. Please review your selections. When you click Recall Tickets these tickets will be recalled. If you want to add more tickets to this transaction click Add More Tickets to choose another event and more tickets.

Sell on StubHub

  1. Log in to your Access account
  2. Click on "Tickets" on the top menu
  3. Click on “Sell” on the left panel
  4. Select an event from the list and click on the arrow to the left of each game to expand the available tickets
  5. Select the tickets you are looking to sell and click “Continue”
  6. Login to your StubHub account in order to complete the posting process