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2021 Impacted Ticket Policy

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Impacted Ticket Policy - Updated 2/24/21

Subject to change

The Marlins will provide eligible Marlins Members (season ticket members), suite holders, groups and single-game ticket buyers who purchased directly through the Marlins appropriate consideration as set forth below for all impacted games during the 2021 season - a list of such games can be found below. An Impacted Game will be determined at the sole discretion of the Marlins based on any change in date and/or required health and safety measures, including seat configuration, for each home game of the Marlins 2021 regular season.

An Impacted Ticket (a ticket for an Impacted Game purchased prior to the game being classified and posted as impacted) will be automatically exchanged as necessary for an alternate seat location of similar characteristic, subject to availability and based on account priority, for the same game. An account credit will otherwise be provided to the original account of purchase (Impacted Account) if requested by the Impacted Account prior to any deadline noted by the Marlins or if an alternate seat location is not available for the same game. The account credit will be equal to the ticket price paid as well as the ticket fees paid (pro-rated as appropriate) for the Impacted Ticket, is non-transferable, and will only be eligible to be used for any Marlins 2021 regular season home games at loanDepot park unless the Impacted Account is otherwise notified by the Marlins. No account refund or bonus credit will be provided for an Impacted Ticket unless the Impacted Account is otherwise notified by the Marlins.

An Impacted Account will have presale access to select priority tickets for Impacted Games prior to general on-sale. Account priority for presale access will be determined at the sole discretion of the Marlins based on 2021 commitment, account tenure and seat category for Marlins Members and date of purchase and seat category for all other impacted ticket holders. All eligible Impacted Accounts will be emailed with information on available presale access prior to an available presale. Marlins Members, suite holders and group leaders should contact your dedicated Marlins team member for more information. Use of account credit for future ticket purchases is subject to the standard ticket terms for Miami Marlins events which are updated periodically and can be found at

Any complimentary ($0) tickets for Impacted Games will not be eligible for a rescheduled game or future game exchange unless communicated otherwise by the Marlins to such ticket holders.

For more ticket information, the Miami Marlins can be contacted at 305-480-2525 or

Impacted Games And Tickets

The following list of Impacted Games will be updated as appropriate based on required health and safety measures for each game as well as future 2021 schedule announcements by Major League Baseball. Tickets purchased for these games prior to the posted impacted date below are considered Impacted Tickets.

Game Opponent Impacted Date
4/1/2021 Tampa Bay Rays 2/24/2021
4/2/2021 Tampa Bay Rays 2/24/2021
4/3/2021 Tampa Bay Rays 2/24/2021
4/5/2021 St Louis Cardinals 2/24/2021
4/6/2021 St Louis Cardinals 2/24/2021
4/7/2021 St Louis Cardinals 2/24/2021
4/16/2021 San Francisco Giants 2/24/2021
4/17/2021 San Francisco Giants 2/24/2021
4/18/2021 San Francisco Giants 2/24/2021
4/20/2021 Baltimore Orioles 2/24/2021
4/21/2021 Baltimore Orioles 2/24/2021
5/4/2021 Arizona Diamondbacks 2/24/2021
5/5/2021 Arizona Diamondbacks 2/24/2021
5/6/2021 Arizona Diamondbacks 2/24/2021
5/7/2021 Milwaukee Brewers 2/24/2021
5/8/2021 Milwaukee Brewers 2/24/2021
5/9/2021 Milwaukee Brewers 2/24/2021
5/21/2021 New York Mets 2/24/2021
5/22/2021 New York Mets 2/24/2021
5/23/2021 New York Mets 2/24/2021
5/24/2021 Philadelphia Phillies 2/24/2021
5/25/2021 Philadelphia Phillies 2/24/2021
5/26/2021 Philadelphia Phillies 2/24/2021
5/27/2021 Philadelphia Phillies 2/24/2021
6/8/2021 Colorado Rockies 2/24/2021
6/9/2021 Colorado Rockies 2/24/2021
6/10/2021 Colorado Rockies 2/24/2021
6/11/2021 Atlanta Braves 2/24/2021
6/12/2021 Atlanta Braves 2/24/2021
6/13/2021 Atlanta Braves 2/24/2021
6/22/2021 Toronto Blue Jays 2/24/2021
6/23/2021 Toronto Blue Jays 2/24/2021
6/24/2021 Washington Nationals 2/24/2021
6/25/2021 Washington Nationals 2/24/2021
6/26/2021 Washington Nationals 2/24/2021
6/27/2021 Washington Nationals 2/24/2021
Tickets With Account Payment Plans

Future payments will proceed as scheduled unless communicated otherwise by the Marlins to such accounts. This policy will be monitored closely and is subject to future change at the sole discretion of the Marlins based on future 2021 schedule announcements by Major League Baseball.

For Marlins Members, the timetable for the 2022 season re-enrollment period and Member EasyPay will be communicated by August 2021.

Account Update Process

New seat locations and/or account credits for any Impacted Tickets will in general be loaded to the original account of purchase in My Marlins Tickets within three (3) business days of the Marlins having classified/posted the original ticket as impacted.

Other Market Ticket Purchases

Fans who purchased impacted tickets through a third-party site such as SeatGeek or StubHub will need to contact the marketplace directly for account status and ticket policies.

loanDepot park Ticket Window Purchases

For the safety of our guests and our Team Members, the Ticket Office Windows will be open on event days only. To purchase tickets, please visit

Impacted ticket requests will not be processed at the Ticket Windows. All impacted ticket requests must be mailed to the Miami Marlins Ticket Office at 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125.

Ticket Office operating hours are subject to change.

2020 Season Impacted Tickets

Tickets for the Marlins 2020 regular season home schedule which were impacted remain subject to the 2020 Ticket Policy-COVID-19 which can be found below.