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Giants Spring Training Season Ticket Members

Information is subject to change and will be updated as we learn more.

In light of the ongoing health and safety issues, unless you currently live in or are planning to stay in Arizona for an extended period of time, we discourage travel to Arizona for Spring Training games.

Health & Safety Protocols

As we return to Scottsdale Stadium, the health and safety of our fans, employees and players is our top priority. We will implement the following protocols to create a safe environment.

Pod Enforcement

Staff will monitor all seating sections to enforce the Pod seating requirements detailed below:

  • Signs will be displayed at unavailable seats directing fans to only sit in their assigned seats.
  • Only Pod seats available for sale will remain accessible for seating.
  • Ticket holders are expressly forbidden from reselling portions of a seat Pod to others and Scottsdale Stadium and San Francisco Giants reserve the right to rescind admission to any fan caught doing so.

Bag Policy

In an effort to limit contact points and avoid lines at the gates, Scottsdale Stadium will NOT permit personal bags (purses, backpacks, tote bags, etc.) into the facility. Scottsdale Stadium will permit medical and diaper bags into the facility.

Face Coverings

Ticket holders two (2) years and older will be required to wear a face covering. This applies to Scottsdale Stadium staff.

Physical Distance

Scottsdale Stadium will use a multifaceted approach to guide ticket holders safely throughout the ballpark. Displayed signage on the exterior of the stadium, public address announcements and video board graphics will communicate social distancing protocols.

Security Screening

  • Limited entry lanes will be open to allow ample space in gate lines.
  • Security staff will control the flow of traffic to maintain physical distance.
  • A separate entrance will be utilized for vendors, staff, etc.

Concession and Retail Lines

  • All points of sale will be spaced at least six (6) feet apart.
  • Floor graphics will be used to guide social distancing.
  • Plexiglass will be placed between all points of sale staff and ticket holders.
  • Cashless transactions will be available wherever possible.

Exiting Scottsdale Stadium

Scottsdale Stadium will utilize the facility’s in-stadium public address and video board system to communicate to ticket holders.

  • Two (2) additional gates (Gate B and Gate E) will be opened and staffed to allow for ease when exiting the stadium.
  • All elevators will have maximum ridership of two (2) ticket holders, if not part of the same Pod.
  • At the conclusion of the game, ticket holders remaining will be dismissed by section of the ballpark. The ballpark will be split into four (4) sections for the purpose of egress.
  • Ticket holders sitting between first base and third base will be directed to exit the gate closest to their seat location (Gate F, Gate B, or the home plate gate).
  • Ticket holders in the Charro Lodge will proceed directly towards the Gate A exit.

Buffer Zones

  • A buffer zone will be activated between player areas and surrounding ticketed seats:
  • Twelve (12) feet from the front edge of the dugout roof
  • Six (6) feet around the bullpens
  • Fans will not be permitted in the designated Buffer Zones.

The terms and conditions of your ticket and policies applicable to use are updated to address COVID-19, health & safety, and seating pods. By purchasing a San Francisco Giants ticket, you accept these Terms and Conditions as well as policies applicable to use.