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Gift Cards

Giants gift cards are currently unavailable for purchase. This includes online, in Dugout Stores, or over the phone. If you already have a Giants gift card, see below for where it can be redeemed.



Giants gift cards can be applied toward Giants tickets sold online* at, at Giants Dugout stores, and at the Oracle Park Box Office.

*Online ticket purchases can only accept one gift card per order. To apply multiple gift cards to one order, call Customer Service at 415-972-2209.


Giants gift cards can be applied toward merchandise sold at Giants Dugout Stores and souvenir stands inside Oracle Park. Giants gift cards are not accepted by our online shop. Call (844) 760-4052 or 888-MLB-SHOP to request your Giants gift cards be converted into MLB Shop gift cards for online merchandise purchases.


Giants gift cards can be applied toward food and beverage sold at most concession stands inside Oracle Park during Giants home games.

Want to check your Giants gift card balance? Click the button below or call 866.815.7994.