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Ballparks: 1892 - Present

Union Park

Years: 1892-1897

The Browns, who won't be known as the Cardinals until 1900, make their National League debut on Apr. 12 with a 14-10 loss at home to the Chicago Colts, later to be renamed the Cubs. On Apr. 17, the Browns fall to the Reds, 5-1, in the first National League game played on a Sunday.

League Park

Years: 1898

Robison Field

Years: 1899-1920

Capacity: 14,500 (1893); 15,200 (1899); 21,000 (1909)

St. Louis opens play in its new park located at Natural Bridge and Vandeventer and open the season with a 10-1 victory over Cleveland.

Sportsman's Park
Busch Stadium (Grand Avenue)

Years: 1953-1965

After Anheuser-Busch, Inc. bought, the Cardinals in 1953, Sportsman's Park was renamed Busch Stadium. The Cardinals closed the stadium on May 8, 1966 with a 10-5 loss to the San Francisco Giants.

Busch Stadium II
Busch Stadium III