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Flex Plans

2021 Flex Plan

2021 Flex Plans

Your plan should fit your schedule. With the Flex Plan, you get the ultimate flexibility to choose the games you want to see. Use your tickets any way you'd like across 63 different games - two for one game, four for another, etc. The choice is yours! Plus, you'll save up to 25% off the gate rate.

How it Works - 4 Simple Steps

Stay tuned for details on redemption as it pertains to the beginning of the season. Redemption is subject to ticket availability.

Minimum purchase of two plans (20 vouchers)

Build a Plan Around Your Schedule

With 63 games to choose from, you can tailor a plan perfectly to your schedule. Check out the complete list of available games – and full plan benefits – below. For more information, please review the downloadable 2021 Flex Plan Guide.

Flex Plan Benefits

With the Flex Plan, you can allocate your bank of tickets any way you like across a selection of over 63 games.

Postseason Tickets
Guaranteed access to tickets for one Wild Card, one Division Series and one Championship Series Postseason game played at American Family Field.

Ticket Savings
Enjoy savings* over individual game buyers and avoid premium pricing on games within your plan.

*In 2019, Flex Plan Holders saved over 25% off the demand-based ticket price.

Flex Plan Schedule

Choose From Multiple Seating and Pricing Options

With the Flex Plan, you can also choose your seat for each game! See complete seating and pricing details below.

2021 Flex Plan Redemption

We are pleased to offer you the ability to redeem your Flex Plan Ticket Vouchers before single game tickets go on-sale to the public.

Note: There is a limit of eight (8) tickets per game at the Flex Plan rate. Redemption is limited to the total amount of Flex Plan vouchers in your account and to eligible Flex Plan games. You will be required to login to your MLB/ email account associated with your Flex Plan purchase in order to redeem them. Redemption access does not guarantee tickets, all tickets are subject to availability.

Updated ticket terms and conditions and policies are available at Our 2021 Fan Policies have been updated and can be found at

Brewers Ticket Assurance

In light of any distancing requirements, reduction of Ballpark seating capacity to less than 100%, and/or other health and safety regulations of Major League Baseball or any governmental authority, the Brewers reserve the right to provide the account holder with (i) an account credit (which may be accompanied by a presale opportunity for the impacted game(s), subject to availability) equal to the paid value of the relevant tickets and parking, (ii) a refund equal to the paid value of the relevant tickets and parking, or (iii) ticket relocation to alternate locations as close to the original location as possible, subject to availability and pod requirements, with priority given based on plan type and account tenure; in each case in lieu of the use of the original tickets. If reassignment results in tickets being relocated to a location with a lower price point, the difference in cost will be reimbursed to the account holder. If a newly-assigned seating location is not acceptable to the account holder, the account holder will have the option, in lieu of the use of the tickets in the newly-assigned location, to instead receive an account credit or a refund equal to the paid value of the relevant tickets, by notifying the Brewers of the election within 14 days after being notified of the reassigned ticket location.

For any postponed games, account holders may choose to either retain the ticket rights for the rescheduled date or, alternatively, receive an account credit or a refund equal to the paid value of the relevant tickets and parking by notifying the Brewers of such election by the earlier of (a) the day before the rescheduled date or (b) 30 days after the postponement announcement. For any cancelled games that are not replaced or rescheduled, account holders will receive an account credit or a refund equal to the paid value of the relevant tickets and parking. Account credits can be applied to invoices for previously purchased ticket plans or used towards single game ticket and parking purchases through the immediately-following season. Account holders will receive an email within 48 hours of any postponement or cancellation announcement with further instructions to confirm the selected action.