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My A's Tickets: How to Redeem A's FlexTix

Reminder: All A's FlexTix must be redeemed during the 2021 regular season.

Individual FlexTix vouchers can be redeemed for up to eight tickets per game. One voucher is equal to one individual ticket and must be redeemed for a single-game ticket to one of the remaining home games during the 2021 season.

How to redeem your A's FlexTix
  1. Log in to your My A's Tickets account using your username and password
  2. On the left side of the screen, select "Vouchers"
  3. Select the voucher package for which you are redeeming your FlexTix
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click REDEEM VOUCHERS
  5. Select how many vouchers you would like to redeem for each individual game, then click "Redeem" (up to 8 vouchers can be redeemed per game)
  6. Select the game for which you would like to redeem tickets
  7. Once the Stadium Map pops up, choose a highlighted section in your seating area (Field, Plaza, or Bleachers), then select the best available seats in pods of two or four
  8. Once seats have been selected, click "Add to Cart" and then proceed to place order
  9. At this point, you may also choose to add prepaid parking for $30
  10. Return to My A's Tickets and Vouchers to repeat for another game

Please Note: Vouchers, and tickets purchased using vouchers, may not be resold or otherwise distributed to individuals not associated with the ticket purchaser. The sale, attempted sale, or transfer of vouchers or tickets purchased through this offer in violation of this policy is prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in the revocation of certain or all tickets purchased.

Step-by-Step Visual Instructions

Managing Vouchers in MyTickets

To view, add, redeem, forward, or recall a voucher, select VOUCHERS from the MyTickets Home page.

MyTickets on Mobile Devices - Tap MENU, then VOUCHERS
MyTickets on Desktop Devices - Tap VOUCHERS
Redeeming Vouchers
Tap Program Name to Take Action on Your Voucher(s)
Redeem FlexTix Vouchers Using My A's Tickets
Scroll to the Bottom of the Page, Click VOUCHER ACTIONS and Choose "Redeem"
My A's Tickets - Redeem FlexTix Vouchers
Tap a Voucher Eligible Event
Redeem FlexTix Vouchers Using My A's Tickets
Ensure 'Show only voucher eligible seats' is enabled
Voucher Redemption During Your Transaction

Selecting VOUCHER ACTIONS and choosing "Redeem" presents a list of events for which your voucher(s) are valid.

1. Tap an event from the list.

2. Search for seats by section or seat map. By default, MyTickets indicates seats that are eligible for your voucher(s).

'Show only voucher eligible seats' enabled by default
Vouchers Covering Cost ("Vouchers Prepaid") and Vouchers Partially Covering Cost ("Upgrade Price")
Vouchers & Searching by SECTION
Redeem FlexTix Vouchers Using My A's Tickets
Vouchers & Searching by SEAT MAP
Redeem FlexTix Vouchers Using My A's Tickets