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Angels Community Ticket Program

presented by Nike

About the Program

The Angels Community Ticket program is made possible through contributions from MLB and league partners to Angels Baseball.

Please take a moment to become familiar with our policies:

  • We are only able to accept organizations with a valid 501c3 designation and tax ID #.
  • Ticket orders need to be submitted at least 7 days prior to the game for processing and fulfillment, no exceptions.
  • Submitting a request does not guarantee your group will receive tickets.
  • Tickets cannot be resold, donated to fund-raising organizations or distributed to those not associated with the program. Violation of these rules will result in an organization's removal from the program.
  • Failure to utilize requested tickets may disqualify your organization from future participation in the program.
  • Once tickets are awarded, they cannot be exchanged for a different game. In the event that tickets are lost, they will not be replaced. Organizations unable to utilize their tickets must notify the Angels at least two (2) weeks prior to the game. Failure to notify will affect future ticket allotments.
  • Transportation is not provided with this offer and is the sole responsibility of the participating organization.

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