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Entry Policies


Ingress Policies FAQ

Why is this being done?

In our continued effort to ensure the very best fan experience in Major League Baseball, these changes are being implemented to expedite fan ingress at Target Field, while still providing a fan-friendly experience and, most importantly, continuing to uphold MLB guidelines regarding safety and security.

When is the effective date?

The "Hold Your Phone" policy went into effect on June 11, while our new single-compartment bag policy went into effect on July 5.

Why are backpacks and multi-compartment bags (i.e. laptop and camera bags) being prohibited?

Backpacks and multi-compartment bags (such as laptop bags and camera bags), by their nature, have a lot of compartments and are cumbersome to inspect. Prohibiting easily-identifiable, multi-compartment bags such as these allows us to screen guests faster and more effectively.

Do I have to use a clear bag?

No. Purses, single-compartment tote bags and drawstring bags, clear bags (including clear backpacks), diaper bags, single-compartment, soft-sided coolers and medically-necessary bags (i.e. those used for ADA/medical/nursing reasons) are all still allowed in Target Field. Note: Bags under 9"x5" qualify for our no-bag "Express" lanes.

What if I have a multi-compartment purse or diaper bag? Will that still be allowed?

Yes. A purse is a purse - as long as it is under 16"x16"x8", a purse or diaper bag with more than one zippered compartment will be allowed. Note: A small, backpack-style purse will be allowed; however, it must be searched and is not eligible for "Express" lanes, even if under 9"x5".

What if my diaper bag or medical bag is a backpack?

Exceptions to our bag policy can be made for backpacks used for ADA/medical/nursing reasons, or used as a diaper bag. However, backpacks used for this purpose will be searched, and the contents must be consistent with that characterization (diaper bag, medical bag, etc.).

Won't this slow down entry into the ballpark?

Eliminating multi-compartment bags will only speed up the entry process as the bag-screening process will be expedited with easier-to-search bags.

What else is being prohibited at Target Field?

At this time, no other changes are being made to our prohibited items list. The contents that you were bringing in with you prior to July 5 will still be permitted as long as they are in an approved size and style bag. If you have any questions regarding a specific item, please refer to our Target Field Reference Guide for our list of Prohibited Items.

I am bringing my family to the game, can I bring in a bottle of water, a juice box or food?

Sealed, bottled water 32 oz. or less, and soft-sided single juice or milk containers for children are the only outside beverages permitted into Target Field. Food may be brought into Target Field as long as items are consumed in the general seating areas. For a full description of permitted food and beverage, please refer to our Target Field Reference Guide.

Can I store my backpack or multi-compartment bag at Target Field somewhere?

There are no bag check facilities inside Target Field, so it is important to review our bag policies prior to departing for the ballpark. However, in the event that a guest is not aware of our enhanced bag policy prior to arrival, we will have a temporary on-site bag check service operated by third-party partner Walker's Lockers that can serve as a last-minute solution. Beginning with the August 2 game against Kansas City, Walker's Lockers will collect a $10 fee per bag checked. Walker's Lockers is located in a tent near Gate 6, across from Target Field Station and is available from the time gates open to one (1) hour after the game ends.

How many other MLB teams have a similar policy?

The Minnesota Twins are the seventh MLB team to prohibit backpacks and other multi-compartment bags, following the Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers and New York Mets.