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T.C. Bear

T.C. could come to your party or an event near you!

Before joining the Twins, T.C. lead the Carnivore League in home runs, RBI's and batting average. He also holds the league records of most trout eaten in a single setting (12). Though highly sought by teams throughout the country, T.C. chose to join his favorite club, the Twins.

T.C. will be making appearances at Twins Youth Clinics, schools, hospitals, and parades throughout the year.

For private parties, birthday parties, or corporate events, T.C. will make an appearance for a small fee.

T.C. Bear's Stats

FULL NAME: T.C. Bear (The T.C. stands for Twin Cities)

BORN: 1991 in Bear River, Minnesota

HOME: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

HOW OBTAINED: Signed as free agent, April 3, 2000

PRE-GAME MEAL: Twins Dogs, fresh fish, and the occasional pot o' honey