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Costco Ticket Vouchers

Costco vouchers from the 2020 season will be eligible for redemption in the 2021 season. Details on eligible games and how to redeem your Costco vouchers will be available in early 2021. For further questions, please email

Costco vouchers must be saved to your My Pro Venue account for redemption.

How to Save Vouchers to Your Account:

  • Click here
  • Log in with your account or create an account
  • Once logged in, click the 3 bar icon (top right) to view menu options
  • Click on Vouchers
  • Enter the XXXX-XXXXXXXX code from your Costco voucher into the “Enter voucher code” box
  • Only enter 1 code at a time, then click “Add”

For assistance, email

Tickets associated with Costco vouchers are subject to availability and can only be redeemed online. Costco ticket vouchers and redeemable tickets are not available to ticket brokers or ticket resellers. Tickets may not be resold or otherwise distributed to individuals not associated with the ticket purchaser. The sale, attempted sale, or transfer of tickets redeemed through this offer in violation of this policy is prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in the revocation of certain or all tickets redeemed.