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Scoreboard Messages

Scoreboard Message
Celebrate your loved ones and their special moments and milestones on the BravesVision Scoreboard at Truist Park!

For a limited time only, donate to the Atlanta Braves Foundation and receive a digital photograph of a customized message and image shown on the BravesVision Scoreboard in centerfield at Truist Park. These messages are perfect for college and high school graduations, wedding announcements, anniversaries, Father’s Day, birthdays, and more!

Benefits of Your Tax-deductible Donation:
$75 – Personalized text message projected on the BravesVision Scoreboard in centerfield at Truist Park

To begin your order, please select the “order your scoreboard message” button below. You will be prompted to submit your customized text. You also have the option of adding a photo of the person(s) you are celebrating to your message! The Atlanta Braves Foundation will email you a high-resolution photo of your Scoreboard message within 7-10 business days from submission date.

We are grateful for your support of the Atlanta Braves Foundation. For any questions, please email